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Who We Are


Tara Lohan: I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember and for the last 15 years people have been paying me to write them. The stories I love most are the true ones — the ones about people, the places they live, and the human and nonhuman world around us. After studying at Middlebury College and the University of Oregon — and after living in seven different states — I landed in San Francisco in 2006 at AlterNet where I’ve managed our coverage of environmental issues as a senior editor and writer.

At AlterNet I edited two books on the global water crisis and have written extensively about energy, water, food, and health. You can read my stories on AlterNet and on Salon, the Nation, Huffington Post, Yes! Magazine, Guernica, Terrain and other publications.

But the story I’m most interested in now is the one that our future hinges on — what energy path will we take. I’m interested in hearing from everyday people about what they think and especially those who are directly involved — the ones who work in energy production and the ones who live among it.

I’m excited to take my computer and my camera on the road to share the stories we find.

megamo-2 Meghan Nesbit: The van that took me along the North American coastline was impounded in San Francisco in ’98, one of the luckiest breaks of my life. I was stranded in the Bay Area which turned out to be a crazy cocktail of technology, do-gooders, and entrepreneurs. I’ve been getting drunk on technology to change the world ever since.

After spending the better part of a decade with the Salesforce Foundation, about 3 years ago I was approached by a brilliant young social entrepreneur. He had a crazy vision to use technology to connect every-day people to have more power and influence in creating change. I was so excited by the idea of every person on the planet having the ability to influence power structures that I jumped at the chance to join the young start-up, Change.org. I’ve been thrilled by the growth Change.org has seen (I started working from my kitchen table, and now there are offices around the globe), but the most incredible thing I’ve witnessed is the awesome impact of people-power.

I’ve seen first-hand what can happen when people share their personal stories experiences and work collectively towards solutions. That is what I hope to bring to Hitting Home. I’m convinced if we truly understand what’s happening in our backyards and with our neighbors, that we will respond, we’ll act, and we’ll ensure we’re building a world that we all want to live in.

By the way, if you happen to own a blue 1969 Chevy sport van with blue velour interior and wood panel finishing that you picked up in an auction, I’d love to get Big Blue back!

codyheadshot Buffalo Bill Cody is a Wheaten Terrier who enjoys long walks on the beach. He has virtually no discernable skills but loves a good road trip and meeting new people.

Hitting Home is a project of AlterNet (part of the Independent Media Institute), a leading progressive news website with over 2.5 million unique monthly visitors. Content from the trip will also be published with other media partners.

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