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About the Project

About the Project

Started by AlterNet’s environment editor Tara Lohan and Change.org’s Meghan Nesbit, Hitting Home is a multimedia journalistic project to document the lives of people most impacted by extreme energy extraction and those working for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Even as scientists tell us we need to drastically cut our dependence on fossil fuels, we are continuing along the same path and using more and more extreme methods to get those fuels – like fracking, oil sands mining, mountaintop removal mining, and deep sea drilling.

This not only locks us into a future of catastrophic climate change, but it is already affecting people’s health and threatening our land, water, and communities.

Tara and Meghan will be traveling around North America documenting the reality of extreme extraction — meeting people in their homes and on their land — to truly convey the gravity of what we stand to lose. The project will show the human face of those impacted and the growing public movement against extreme extraction and runaway climate change by creating a narrative that links together disparate fights against dirty energy and their powerful backers.

As we’ve seen thus far, simply providing frightening statistics from scientific studies doesn’t spur action — we need a deeper societal shift in which we’re able to fully understand the significance of our actions and truly care about the consequences. It will take a kind of compassion for our fellow humans (and fellow creatures) that can be spurred by the personal stories.

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